Consumption Awareness and Sharing Information

Photo by Philip Strong on Unsplash

Concepts such as consumption awareness and conscious consumer that the increasing population has brought with it in the modern world are very common in society and continue to be a matter that should be discussed. Although this awareness is mostly material and directly related to the society, it can actually exist in every area where trading is possible. Information exchange, a type of trade that has no end, is definitely one of them.

We communicate with tens, maybe hundreds of people in a day, and we sell information to each other in common terms, some products we receive and hand over do not affect our or the other person’s life very much, and some products take a place in our minds. How well do we do this endless consumption of information, do we have a consciousness? Another reason why I started the article by using the term modern world was that the number of our communication channels was much higher than before. Apart from one-to-one communication with people during the day, we obtain countless data mostly thanks to technological tools.

The question is, what percentage of this data do we filter? The answer is simple: very few. This unnecessarily overbalanced informations and unconscious consumption push people to fatigue, laziness and to be easily distracted. Of course, we may not be able to use all the information we have every second, there are dozens of things we keep for certain times but in our daily life, we are overflowing with so many things that we cannot even share them with those around us, let alone use them. There is an expression that the famous Turkish comedian Cem Yılmaz used in a skit:

“…we can’t continue because of the weight, we don’t have less, we have more…”

Indeed, this is true for most of us, we have a disease called knowledge acquisition, but we do not make enough effort to use it and share it. This consumption of information, which in theory should make people feel more comfortable in society, in practice often shackles people to the ground and creates a weight for themselves. We take some burdens on ourselves without consciousness in all areas of life, and we refuse to get rid of these burdens with the fear that one day it will work, and we are heading towards the bottom with each passing day. Every person needs to have the habit of “balanced getting information” in order to be slightly affected by this information pollution and the weight it creates, according to their environment and interests. The reason I used the term “balanced getting information” was to emphasize the concept of efficiency, which is necessary for every part of the human body. Our brain is also a part of our body and it needs to take its share from the diets applied. Just like in nutrition, the brain should be fed neither too little nor too much while acquiring data, the only thing that matters is that the brain can be fed efficiently.

Another reason for this unconscious consumption is unfortunately people’s efforts to assert superiority. This situation, which I believe to be instinctive; It includes wanting to stand out from society, to see the unseen, to know the unknown. In fact, crossing the red line of this way of thinking, which should take people and even humanity forward as an idea, poisons people in a way. Especially from what I have observed around me, this is one of the reasons for the formation of the weight that I mentioned in the previous paragraph, unfortunately, people who refuse to store and share the acquired knowledge only for this purpose often do nothing but pull themselves down. Of course, it is not right to base this whole line of behavior on an advertising phrase that is simple like “it’s good to share”. But still, even in the case when people are one hundred percent selfish, it will be the most correct for them to think about themselves by definition of selfishness and apply this advertising phrase in his life to get rid of the weight created by this unconscious consumption and hesitation to share.



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