The Person Who Doesn’t Take a Risk

Photo by Lubo Minar on Unsplash

In every area of life, in every second, we come across points where one can take risks, and while some people are happy to encounter these points, others are hesitant to take one more step and prefer to stay behind. Since these choices are made with the aim of wanting to continue where they are without gain or loss, it is quite reasonable to call them the people who avoids taking risks. The main question is: What do you gain by not taking risks in life? Or what do you lose?

It is necessary to be able to look at this debate from both sides, to understand the people who make both choices, because sometimes making decisions in such situations depends on the conditions of the environment rather than the individual. First, let’s talk only about cases where it depends on one’s own character. Why does a person avoid taking risks, avoiding situations where the payoff can be high? The answer is simple, out of fear of the unknown. The human brain works very simply; it is afraid of any event or person that it does not know or experience and tries to find a solution. The example is again very simple: meeting a new person. The human brain experiences the same phase as what you experience during fear, even if you don’t notice it during acquaintance, curiosity and fear are in a cycle that has no end, and the acquaintance phase accelerates even faster unless the person breaks this cycle. And this is kind of equivalent to taking risks, unless one avoids this cycle, fear brings curiosity, and curiosity brings fear. Well, if you would say where is not taking risks in this, to talk about the same example again; Thinking that bringing a new person into your life will be a burden on the person and avoiding the whole cycle that I have just written means not taking risks. In theory, this is not a wrong method, and sometimes it can actually save people from heavy burdens. This example consisted entirely of the relationship between two people, apart from a situation where psychology would be so involved, it is necessary to mention other examples. Most of the time; There may be situations where you may have the chance to make huge gains as a result of a decision to be made at school, at work or at home, or to lose your position or experience small losses as a result of that decision. This leaves us with the phrase “with great risk comes great reward”.

So what is this “with great risk comes great reward”? Unfortunately, as far as I have experienced, this sentence maintains its correctness, except for the conditions in this sentence, it seems that the great reward can only be explained by chance. In order to gain a profit, people often have to sacrifice themselves; maybe they have to sacrifice their time, maybe their money, maybe their energy, maybe even their feelings. I think this is what puts people in the most difficult situation anyway, being patient and sometimes giving up. Silence and waiting is perhaps the greatest punishment that can be given to a person. Come see that sometimes people have to endure such situations so that they can get up again and continue on their way. Here comes another proof that human beings are the most complex being. Even the most rational people cannot calculate which situation is gain and which situation is lost in a momentary situation, the reason is very simple: there are an infinite number of unknowns in the equation of humanity and a human life is never enough to find every unknown.

The point is, I understand that people shouldn’t take risks as much as they can and not increase the number of unknowns in the equation. However, my personal opinion is that avoiding risk does not bring anything to a person, and I think that being someone who does not take risks for human life, which is even shorter than a second when we look at the universe scale, reduces something from our souls.



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