Time is unique

Photo by Nikola Johnny Mirkovic on Unsplash

This moment we are in; while I am writing this article, while you are reading; 10 seconds before, 1 month later, each one is a section of our lives that are completely unique and will never be seen again. The only thing that cannot be imitated on Earth, and even the universe as we know it, is time itself. It needs nothing, is not affected by anything, does not change its direction, and continues to move forward whether it has witnesses or any signs. We, as humans, have tried to measure and even control this phenomenon called time throughout history and ages. Then we composed music, created literature, developed a whole art on it, all for a reason: to understand time.

Each individual wants to control what is going on around them since they were born. For some of them, this situation extends to being a perfectionist, while in others, this desire for control continues to cover only for small area of theirs. There is a very simple reason for this, we humans are slow and have problems in generating ideas and analyzing for people, events and objects that we cannot understand. Here is the essence of the matter, in order to be able to control what is going on around, first one must have the ability to understand them. This is where the desire to “understand time” comes from, and to understand first and then to be able to control it — at least for theirs own time — has been the greatest desire of every human being for centuries.

But is it really possible to control time? Let’s think about this question in detail without including the world of physics as much as possible. Sometimes it seems as if the hour and minute hands are not moving at all, and sometimes you finish what you are doing without even remembering when you started. In fact, this situation does not require physical explanation, it is only about human psychology and focus. Basically, we can summarize as follows, if a person has a job or friends that enjoyable and peaceful, then time is no longer in control and this person turns into an object independent of time. Otherwise, each passing second will be under the surveillance of the person and the person will have a feeling of intense control, which in a way causes one to feel that the clock is ticking slowly, because the person is aware of every passing second.

Does this awareness always promise a monotonous and boring life? The answer to this question takes us to the title and first paragraph of the article. In my opinion, we should all be aware of every second we live and be able to add something to ourselves, good or bad. The idea behind this thought is simple: time is unique. Even if the events are imitated or relived, the current time will never be the same because there is no place, person or object in the universe that will relive what that moment brought or took away. One’s life may be full of regrets because of what they did or did not do, but the only thing that should not be forgotten is that this subway, called time, only sells tickets in one way, so make sure you spend enough time at each stop, because you will not be able to get off at that stop again.



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